About Me

I am an sofware engineer with full stack, database administration, and app/game development experience. I am always looking for new opportunities to develop and expand my skill set in a professional environment.

More About Me

In my years of experience coding I have worked in several different environments and frameworks. This has included various full web stacks making use of MongoDB/SQL Server/MySQL for Database Administration, Express/Django for web server frameworks, React for single-page-application programming, and Node.JS/Python for backend coding.

In addition to my web development experience, I have also designed applications for a local environment. This has included Python Scripts, Visual .NET GUI-based applications, and games/interactive experiences written in C# via Unity and Javascript via PIXI.JS.

Take a look below for a sample of some of my previous work, or feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to see more.

My Top Skills

HTML5 HTML5 CSS3 Javascripts

Some of my Recent Projects



Using PIXI.JS, we created real city environments in which citizens could be represented going through simulated days, allowing for visual representation of current trends.

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Unity Projects

These games were created using C# scripting within the Unity engine, and are available for free on GameJolt.

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Grid-Based Mapping Tool

This single page application was created in React and is hosted on Github Pages. It allows users to design multi-level maps with detailed events and items.

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